Time – Age

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The older we get as humans, the more we change. Not just physically and our bodies, but as people we also change. Our tastes and our hobbies become different over time, and our dreams and ambitions change over time as well. When we were children, our ambitions for the most part were completely different to what they are now, and most people never end up in the same path they thought or wanted to be in. Physically, our bodies change in so many ways. Not only do they improve and improve up until they peak (25-35), but then they slowly grow weaker, almost as if you are dying in front of your own eyes. The change that time brings all of us sculpts us and turns us into different people than we started off as. While it is just another natural fact of life that cannot be avoided, it does beg the question of how to put the time that we do have to good use before it is too late (or we ourselves consider it too late).

Depending on our dreams or what we want to do and experience in life, we might be restricted by the amount of time that we have and by age. You shouldn’t expect as a 50 year old to be competing in athletics at the Olympics, which is why you need to start training for it and mastering that skill at a young age. After a certain amount of time, others will have used that time to garner more experience, skill and fitness than you may have. This is something that takes a long time to ctach up on, coupled with a determination that is frankly rare. Most athletic sports will mean that you peak after either a certain age, or a certain amount of time (7-10 years of being active in the sport). Sadly, most either don’t realise what they want to do until they get too old, or are aware from a young age but do not put in the time and practice that others may to excel. Catching up with that level of experience and time is just not possible, and it means that many people miss out on their dreams before they even realise it. Even if they wished to, their bodies have already aged enough through time that it becomes realistic. It is a sad state of affairs, but it is also unavoidable. That is why you need to make the most out of the time you do have.

Even mentally, your body ages in a way that cannot keep up. Many people suffer from dementia and alzheimers because of natural or accidental wear and tear through a sustained period of time. Just like your body, your mind begins to age and break down. You become forgetful and your reaction times slow down. You begin to realise that you can’t retain as much knowledge as you used to, nor can you remember the things that you felt like you used to know. It’s a natural state of progession your mind goes through that is impossible to stop. However, that is the damage of time within your body. It effects everything, and you cannot hope to simply stop it. That is also why you must ensure that you spend as much time as possible taking advantage of the time you do have, just as you need to ensure that you are as productive with your time as possible. Just as I said earlier, over time even your tastes and your hobbies change over time. Even your dreams and what you aspire to do and become changes, and that’s also a natural state of progression.

Sadly, there is no way to stop time and stop yourself and your body from going through these changes. Even though you may have had dreams of what you wanted to do and become, if you let enough time go past without trying to achieve them, it will mean very little in the end.

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