Time after Breakup

So, after just recently going through a break up myself, I know how hard it can be for those who are also experiencing the same kind of pain and loss. This is another situation where time and space can be very relative. When you first experience a break up, time feels like it is going in slow motion as opposed to how quickly time can fly by when you are truly happy. I have had the highs and lows that you will experience after a break up, and while it is true that after any amount of time you will eventually lose the feelings of sadness you have after the break up as well as the feelings that you had for your loved one, it does eventually go away.
Trust me, the hours during the first few days do feel like they are days. Minutes do turn into hours while you are first going through it. If you get a message on your phone or facebook, not only do you expect it to be your ex just because you have messaged so much, you are disappointed when it isn’t them. It starts to grate on you after a while and you become genuinely angry and depressed that they have already moved on. They have moved on because just as time is relative to you, it is relative to them too. They may have already been over it and just needed some space from you and the relationship before you would realise it. I think that is the most painful thing about the time and space away from the relationship. Knowing that within the time and space that you have been in pain and trying to get over your ex-partner, your ex has already gotten over you and moved on to the next person.
There isn’t much you can do in this circumstance to be honest. It’s all RELATIVE. I know that is the keyword of this blog, but that’s the whole point of it anyway. It is easy enough to just be honest to yourself and say look, the other person is already over you and no, they do not love you or want you anymore even though you still do. But I’m sure the majority of people that have been in this position have also been on the other side. Someone also wanted something with you, while you didn’t, and you had to be the one to break their hearts. It is the way it goes.
The fact of the matter is after enough time and space from the relationship, you’ll get over it too. Life is too short to just lose everything and never recover. She could be your one, and could be the love of your life. But then you would have to think, did you really break up with your one? Because if your ex was truly the one you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, you would either never break up, or eventually you would get back together. Use all of that time and space that you have after a break up to better yourself and get on with things. You can’t let the time and space overwhelms you and become your life. Or in another way to put it, take away from your life. It is the worst possible thing that you could do. Even if you need superficial and shallow things to make you feel better about yourself and your life like setting up an instagram with half nude shots for likes. Do it. Do whatever it would take to build you back up otherwise that time would be lost forever. And there is nothing you can do to bring back time that is lost. Only use it to catch up.
Just give it a bit more time and space. Inevitably if you were the one who did the break up, or the one who was broken up with, you will feel better. You will get over it. It’s all relative!

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