Space vs Time


In this blog, I want to discuss a variety of topics. There are many meanings of space and time when we really look at it. There is the scientifically example of space and time – space relative to length, breadth and height among others as well as time relative to distance, light, travel and so forth – and then there is the separate entities of space and time. When we go on to the separate entities of space and time, really we are looking at anything from space away from a relationship to talking about how much available space there is in your home. Just as if we was to talk about the separate entity of time, we can talk about the time it would take for our body to heal after illness and addictions all the way to travelling around the world.

The fact is, it’s all relative as they say. When you really think about it, most of it is manmade and decided anyway. Scientifically, a yard is a yard. But that’s because we as humans decided what a yard is and what it should be called. A yard could have been any distance we decided it should be, and it could be called blue instead. A mile is a mile because that is what was decided. As ridiculous as it sounds, no one has really thought of why things are called what they are, and why it was decided that it is what it is. If you look at time as well, it is practically the same thing. A day is a day because it is from the peak of the night all the way to the next peak of the night. It’s the relative space between the earth and the moon and sun on any given part of the planet. A day is a cycle within that group. But why is a day a cycle? It could have very easily been two cycles, and a day would instead be 48 hours long. Instead, everyone was in agreement that a day would be one cycle. And again, it was just decided for it to be called a day. Just as a second is to be called a second and an hour an hour. Now, this is not me trying to say it is right or wrong. It’s just the way it is.

So why do we as humans limit ourselves to space and time? Usually, it is because there is some kind of restrictions placed on us by either someone else or ourselves. When we are at work and our managers or bosses give us a deadline then suddenly we come under a restraint of time. Even age to a certain extent is a restriction since our bodies slowly creak down over time, stopping us from doing things we would otherwise be able to do. With space, we are limited to what space we have available to us at any given time. That is the reason why people love the idea of huge, wide houses with open space. So they can place what they would like in those open spaces without any restriction, allowing them to do what they would like. That’s why people feel calmer when they are in wider open spaces. There is something relaxing about the idea that you do not have restrictions bound on you.

People become claustrophobic for a reason. The idea that there is such a limit on the space around you becomes overwhelming to some. It’s an issue that has been around for many, many years. The idea that one is restricted by the amount of time they have available to them or the amount of space they have around them with an inability to change it in that moment of time is overwhelming. But for the most part, it is something that in that moment cannot be helped. That is why time and space is relative. As it is relative to the person it restricts.


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