Space from stress

One of the things that age you over time isn’t time itself, but stress you experience in your own life. One of the fastest things that age your body and your mind is all of the stress that you go through in your life with things such as break ups from relationship, being overworked at your job or your career and even just not eating properly every day. When you are going through stress over the space of time, especially if it is a high level of stress, both your mind and body age a lot quicker than it naturally would. Sadly, if there was a quick fix for any stress that you could go through in life than anyone would naturally do it. But there’s not. So if you cannot fix a problem quickly, or an issue is getting to the point it is overwhelming your life and stopping you from living a life that is happy, you need to learn how to have time and space away from the stress that it causes.

When you find yourself in a position of very high short term stress, or high long term stress, you will notice that your body ages quickly. You start to lose more hair, wrinkles become more apparent and you may even be shocked to find that you become ill, a lot. This is because during times of high stress, your body becomes overworked too and your body is much more vulnerable to illnesses and bacteria that could make you sick. Your hair starts to fall out and your hairline may recede because the stress does indeed age your body and grows weaker. You need to find a way for your body to either slow the process down, or you need to find a way for your body to be able to separate the stresses in your mind with itself. Otherwise, the more stress you have and the longer that it lasts for will just make it worse.

One of the more useful ideas I could suggest to slowing this process down is to think of and plan ways you can kill off the stress at the root. Maybe you won’t be able to solve the problems that are at hand immediately, but if you can start to think of step by step instructions on how to solve the overall problem over time, you will have an action plan to start defeating your problems. This in turn will help you feel better about the stresses knowing that they will end soon, and also help your body relax easier knowing that they will soon be solved. It will also give you more of a state of mind that feels safe. It will also give you a practical plan on how to solve your issues without stressing about them too much, even if the timeline is a month long or 10 years long. That ability to know a rough idea of when your problems will get better or when an issue will be sorted will give you a practical outlook on things that is bound to make you feel more positive about your situation.

You also need to learn how to give your body a break from your stresses as well as your mind. While your mind will be running 100 miles a minute about a potential stress, your body will react accordingly due to your mind being in direct influence. This is obviously an issue when you feel overwhelmed, but it is also an issue that can be cured. If you become aware of your body feeling like it is being overworked, then you need to give your body a break too. Even if it is just a longer lie in than usual, or a shower and bath, your body will be grateful. Even something as silly as candles will make your body feel more relaxed than it was before, and it will do huge wonders for you.


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