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Space and time

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When it comes to space and time, they are usually with or against each other, never exclusively mutual. When you compare it to any subject you think of how much times it will take, and then how much distance you have between where you are and where you want to go. When you think of something like travelling, the fact is that you miss out on a lot of time daily just because of the amount of space between where you need to go and where you already are. The further away something is, obviously the longer it will take you to get to your destination. Sadly, it is a sad truth that you miss out on more time travelling than you would like. If it takes you an hour to travel to work there and back, that will be two hours a day. If you work 5 days a week, then you lose out on 10 hours a week travelling. The fact is, that is a large amount of time. That is a whole working day that you lose every week just travelling to work. That is 40 hours a month. That’s a whole working week a month. When you then think of it in terms of a year, then you lose 480 hours a year. The amount of things you can do in that time is extraordinary, and quite frankly you will miss out on so much better possible things to be doing than just travelling there and back.

Then you start realising, how far away are stars? If it takes an hour just to go to work, imagine the amount of time it will take to get to any random star that’s in space. You could be talking millions of years. Another really interesting thing is that some of the stars you are looking at could already be dead. The amount of space between our planet and that planet means there are millions of lightyears the light is travelling to get to us. That is just how relative time is to where we currently are. Science fiction films get into this whole thing so much better than I ever could, but the amount of space between us and something that seems relatively close is amazing. We think time runs on the schedule we run on but it doesn’t. We notice it go past slowly or very quickly, but quite frankly we don’t get a say on how long it may take.

If everything could take as quickly as possible to do, then too much would get done. Everyone will always be surpassing you and you probably wouldn’t be able to keep up. The fact is, time and space allows us to stay level with the rest of the world. What we need to do as people is take advantage of all the time we do have at our disposal and make the most of it. While there are people out there who do not take the time they have seriously and let it run away from them, or do not take complete advantage of the time they have available, we can. I do think that a lot of the successes that I have had in life came from actually taking advantage of the time that I do have. Sadly, I have also noticed that most of the times in my life that I have come into a lull with nothing happening or nothing being the way I wanted or planned it, is because I made mistakes and didn’t take advantage of all of that time I did have.


Space from stress

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One of the things that age you over time isn’t time itself, but stress you experience in your own life. One of the fastest things that age your body and your mind is all of the stress that you go through in your life with things such as break ups from relationship, being overworked at your job or your career and even just not eating properly every day. When you are going through stress over the space of time, especially if it is a high level of stress, both your mind and body age a lot quicker than it naturally would. Sadly, if there was a quick fix for any stress that you could go through in life than anyone would naturally do it. But there’s not. So if you cannot fix a problem quickly, or an issue is getting to the point it is overwhelming your life and stopping you from living a life that is happy, you need to learn how to have time and space away from the stress that it causes.

When you find yourself in a position of very high short term stress, or high long term stress, you will notice that your body ages quickly. You start to lose more hair, wrinkles become more apparent and you may even be shocked to find that you become ill, a lot. This is because during times of high stress, your body becomes overworked too and your body is much more vulnerable to illnesses and bacteria that could make you sick. Your hair starts to fall out and your hairline may recede because the stress does indeed age your body and grows weaker. You need to find a way for your body to either slow the process down, or you need to find a way for your body to be able to separate the stresses in your mind with itself. Otherwise, the more stress you have and the longer that it lasts for will just make it worse.

One of the more useful ideas I could suggest to slowing this process down is to think of and plan ways you can kill off the stress at the root. Maybe you won’t be able to solve the problems that are at hand immediately, but if you can start to think of step by step instructions on how to solve the overall problem over time, you will have an action plan to start defeating your problems. This in turn will help you feel better about the stresses knowing that they will end soon, and also help your body relax easier knowing that they will soon be solved. It will also give you more of a state of mind that feels safe. It will also give you a practical plan on how to solve your issues without stressing about them too much, even if the timeline is a month long or 10 years long. That ability to know a rough idea of when your problems will get better or when an issue will be sorted will give you a practical outlook on things that is bound to make you feel more positive about your situation.

You also need to learn how to give your body a break from your stresses as well as your mind. While your mind will be running 100 miles a minute about a potential stress, your body will react accordingly due to your mind being in direct influence. This is obviously an issue when you feel overwhelmed, but it is also an issue that can be cured. If you become aware of your body feeling like it is being overworked, then you need to give your body a break too. Even if it is just a longer lie in than usual, or a shower and bath, your body will be grateful. Even something as silly as candles will make your body feel more relaxed than it was before, and it will do huge wonders for you.


Time – Age

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The older we get as humans, the more we change. Not just physically and our bodies, but as people we also change. Our tastes and our hobbies become different over time, and our dreams and ambitions change over time as well. When we were children, our ambitions for the most part were completely different to what they are now, and most people never end up in the same path they thought or wanted to be in. Physically, our bodies change in so many ways. Not only do they improve and improve up until they peak (25-35), but then they slowly grow weaker, almost as if you are dying in front of your own eyes. The change that time brings all of us sculpts us and turns us into different people than we started off as. While it is just another natural fact of life that cannot be avoided, it does beg the question of how to put the time that we do have to good use before it is too late (or we ourselves consider it too late).

Depending on our dreams or what we want to do and experience in life, we might be restricted by the amount of time that we have and by age. You shouldn’t expect as a 50 year old to be competing in athletics at the Olympics, which is why you need to start training for it and mastering that skill at a young age. After a certain amount of time, others will have used that time to garner more experience, skill and fitness than you may have. This is something that takes a long time to ctach up on, coupled with a determination that is frankly rare. Most athletic sports will mean that you peak after either a certain age, or a certain amount of time (7-10 years of being active in the sport). Sadly, most either don’t realise what they want to do until they get too old, or are aware from a young age but do not put in the time and practice that others may to excel. Catching up with that level of experience and time is just not possible, and it means that many people miss out on their dreams before they even realise it. Even if they wished to, their bodies have already aged enough through time that it becomes realistic. It is a sad state of affairs, but it is also unavoidable. That is why you need to make the most out of the time you do have.

Even mentally, your body ages in a way that cannot keep up. Many people suffer from dementia and alzheimers because of natural or accidental wear and tear through a sustained period of time. Just like your body, your mind begins to age and break down. You become forgetful and your reaction times slow down. You begin to realise that you can’t retain as much knowledge as you used to, nor can you remember the things that you felt like you used to know. It’s a natural state of progession your mind goes through that is impossible to stop. However, that is the damage of time within your body. It effects everything, and you cannot hope to simply stop it. That is also why you must ensure that you spend as much time as possible taking advantage of the time you do have, just as you need to ensure that you are as productive with your time as possible. Just as I said earlier, over time even your tastes and your hobbies change over time. Even your dreams and what you aspire to do and become changes, and that’s also a natural state of progression.

Sadly, there is no way to stop time and stop yourself and your body from going through these changes. Even though you may have had dreams of what you wanted to do and become, if you let enough time go past without trying to achieve them, it will mean very little in the end.

Time after Breakup

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So, after just recently going through a break up myself, I know how hard it can be for those who are also experiencing the same kind of pain and loss. This is another situation where time and space can be very relative. When you first experience a break up, time feels like it is going in slow motion as opposed to how quickly time can fly by when you are truly happy. I have had the highs and lows that you will experience after a break up, and while it is true that after any amount of time you will eventually lose the feelings of sadness you have after the break up as well as the feelings that you had for your loved one, it does eventually go away.
Trust me, the hours during the first few days do feel like they are days. Minutes do turn into hours while you are first going through it. If you get a message on your phone or facebook, not only do you expect it to be your ex just because you have messaged so much, you are disappointed when it isn’t them. It starts to grate on you after a while and you become genuinely angry and depressed that they have already moved on. They have moved on because just as time is relative to you, it is relative to them too. They may have already been over it and just needed some space from you and the relationship before you would realise it. I think that is the most painful thing about the time and space away from the relationship. Knowing that within the time and space that you have been in pain and trying to get over your ex-partner, your ex has already gotten over you and moved on to the next person.
There isn’t much you can do in this circumstance to be honest. It’s all RELATIVE. I know that is the keyword of this blog, but that’s the whole point of it anyway. It is easy enough to just be honest to yourself and say look, the other person is already over you and no, they do not love you or want you anymore even though you still do. But I’m sure the majority of people that have been in this position have also been on the other side. Someone also wanted something with you, while you didn’t, and you had to be the one to break their hearts. It is the way it goes.
The fact of the matter is after enough time and space from the relationship, you’ll get over it too. Life is too short to just lose everything and never recover. She could be your one, and could be the love of your life. But then you would have to think, did you really break up with your one? Because if your ex was truly the one you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, you would either never break up, or eventually you would get back together. Use all of that time and space that you have after a break up to better yourself and get on with things. You can’t let the time and space overwhelms you and become your life. Or in another way to put it, take away from your life. It is the worst possible thing that you could do. Even if you need superficial and shallow things to make you feel better about yourself and your life like setting up an instagram with half nude shots for likes. Do it. Do whatever it would take to build you back up otherwise that time would be lost forever. And there is nothing you can do to bring back time that is lost. Only use it to catch up.
Just give it a bit more time and space. Inevitably if you were the one who did the break up, or the one who was broken up with, you will feel better. You will get over it. It’s all relative!

Space vs time – Relationships

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So, a lot of the time when two people have been in a relationship for a while and it hasn’t been working, there is eventually the request for space. Strangely enough, the more time you have spent together, the easier it is for the unhappier one in the relationship to ask for space. Usually, one asks for space in a relationship because they believe that they either need time away for themselves to figure out and sort out what is going wrong for them personally, or they request space because they believe it will either solve what is going wrong with their relationship, or fix it. Either way, this is where it becomes space vs. time. Either way, as the recipient of the space, you are aware that it will take a certain amount of time before they make a decision. It becomes a waiting game and you are depending on the other person’s emotions and logical thinking to make a decision. In the meantime, all you can do is focus on yourself. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however.
During the time you will both be having space away from each other, there are a few things you can do to try and repair the relationship and also repair yourself. The fact is, leaving the other person alone for a while is the best thing for both of you, as you can allow the other to have as much time and space as they feel they need to have, and give them time to miss you. In the meantime, you can do practical things to make you feel better about yourself, or just to catch up on lost time you otherwise weren’t able to do.
A good example of this for most people when they find more time outside of a relationship is to go to the gym and start to either get healthier, or find a healthier view on how they look at themselves. After going to the gym for a month or so, you will find that not only do you feel better about yourself and healthier physically, but you will be mentally healthier after you find that better outlook on yourself. Another way to repair yourself while going through space is to read up on a subject you enjoy and learn new things. You will find that developing your mental skills such as reading, memory or something like learning a new language will make you feel tons better, due to the stimulation you will receive mentally.
Something else that also helps professionals in a career or entrepreneurs is getting yourself completely involved in your line of work. While some people will swear by the fact that it is actually more mentally draining and damaging, others see it as a way to achieve the goals that you have in life a lot simpler and easier by putting themselves completely into their own work. You will be able to set yourself personal aims, or if you work in a company or industry that is target driven, using your drive to complete those targets are beneficial for your own self-esteem and your career goals. As an entrepreneur, setting yourself that goal is very beneficial for your own business, and you will find that the financial rewards that are involved in doing this will make you feel a lot better in the long run.
Time can be a killer when you are going through space in a relationship if you let it be. Otherwise, the time that you have away can be one of the biggest opportunities in your life. Some things can always be a positive if you let it be one, and in this occasion time away from a damaged relationship that needs healing is the best thing for everyone that is involved. If you are currently going through this situation yourself, just remember that the time away can be one of the best things for you in the long run and make sure that you take ample opportunity of it.

Space vs Time

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In this blog, I want to discuss a variety of topics. There are many meanings of space and time when we really look at it. There is the scientifically example of space and time – space relative to length, breadth and height among others as well as time relative to distance, light, travel and so forth – and then there is the separate entities of space and time. When we go on to the separate entities of space and time, really we are looking at anything from space away from a relationship to talking about how much available space there is in your home. Just as if we was to talk about the separate entity of time, we can talk about the time it would take for our body to heal after illness and addictions all the way to travelling around the world.

The fact is, it’s all relative as they say. When you really think about it, most of it is manmade and decided anyway. Scientifically, a yard is a yard. But that’s because we as humans decided what a yard is and what it should be called. A yard could have been any distance we decided it should be, and it could be called blue instead. A mile is a mile because that is what was decided. As ridiculous as it sounds, no one has really thought of why things are called what they are, and why it was decided that it is what it is. If you look at time as well, it is practically the same thing. A day is a day because it is from the peak of the night all the way to the next peak of the night. It’s the relative space between the earth and the moon and sun on any given part of the planet. A day is a cycle within that group. But why is a day a cycle? It could have very easily been two cycles, and a day would instead be 48 hours long. Instead, everyone was in agreement that a day would be one cycle. And again, it was just decided for it to be called a day. Just as a second is to be called a second and an hour an hour. Now, this is not me trying to say it is right or wrong. It’s just the way it is.

So why do we as humans limit ourselves to space and time? Usually, it is because there is some kind of restrictions placed on us by either someone else or ourselves. When we are at work and our managers or bosses give us a deadline then suddenly we come under a restraint of time. Even age to a certain extent is a restriction since our bodies slowly creak down over time, stopping us from doing things we would otherwise be able to do. With space, we are limited to what space we have available to us at any given time. That is the reason why people love the idea of huge, wide houses with open space. So they can place what they would like in those open spaces without any restriction, allowing them to do what they would like. That’s why people feel calmer when they are in wider open spaces. There is something relaxing about the idea that you do not have restrictions bound on you.

People become claustrophobic for a reason. The idea that there is such a limit on the space around you becomes overwhelming to some. It’s an issue that has been around for many, many years. The idea that one is restricted by the amount of time they have available to them or the amount of space they have around them with an inability to change it in that moment of time is overwhelming. But for the most part, it is something that in that moment cannot be helped. That is why time and space is relative. As it is relative to the person it restricts.